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Faculty and Staff

Empowering Educators to Innovate while Teaching

One of the priorities of the EdTech Network is to connect our faculty and staff members with EdTech companies that have the potential to enable innovative research that advances teaching and learning. The Network can also fund faculty and staff ideas through pitch competitions, and host events to network and share ideas.  

We plan to offer access to an EdTech lab environment where you can test new EdTech technology and evaluate products being developed by other members of the Network. We also can connect you with companies who are interested in helping you advance you research.

The EdTech Network is committed to curating and supporting creation of cutting-edge education technology solutions. If you share this commitment, we invite you to join our Network.

Connect with companies and individuals to enable innovative research to advance teaching and learning at Penn State.

Are you ready to connect with the EdTech Network and receive updates on our latest activities? 

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Member Benefits at a Glance

  • gaining access to our flexible, secure EdTech lab that enables you and your students to experiment with state-of-the-art educational tools and technologies
  • connecting with businesses and entrepreneurs to pilot new education technology in your classroom or online learning environment
  • working with entrepreneurs in the Network who can help you turn your education technology ideas into marketable products and services
  • attending invitation-only events that bring together companies, entrepreneurs, students, faculty, and staff for collaboration
  • meeting other innovation-focused faculty and staff

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