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Creating connections and inspiring innovation

As a member of our large and diverse student body, you are one of Penn State's greatest resources. The University is committed to providing you with a robust education that prepares you for a bright future.

The EdTech Network shares this commitment and strives to provide you with out-of-classroom access to industry leaders and curated resources to enable experiential learning in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and educational technologies.

If you're a student who is interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning, we encourage you to join our Network. We facilitate and support student innovation and make connections to help our student community succeed.

Are you ready to connect with the EdTech Network and receive updates on our latest activities?

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Benefits at a Glance

  • hands-on experience and increased competency with AI technologies
  • networking with AI and EdTech companies, creating opportunities for internships, mentoring, and employment
  • meeting other innovation-focused students
  • forming relationships with members of the University community
  • attending invitation-only networking events

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