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About Us

About the EdTech Network

The Penn State EdTech Network seeks and develops new ways to use artificial intelligence to create transformational solutions for higher education. We bring together students, faculty, staff, and industry to improve the student experience at Penn State, and in doing so, create unique opportunities for our student community to participate in the development of artificial intelligence and educational technology solutions. We also promote faculty research that pushes the boundaries of machine and human solutions, industry collaboration with subject matter experts, and the creation of new businesses.

We support the Invent Penn State initiative, which aims to drive job creation, economic development, and student career success by connecting researchers and innovators with the people who can help bring their discoveries to the marketplace.

"Our vision focuses on creating opportunities for students to gain real-world experience by developing transformative AI solutions through collaborative work with faculty, staff, and industry partners." 

—Tracey Huston, Interim Vice President for Outreach and Associate Vice President for Marketing, Penn State

Penn State at a Glance

student body

students across all campuses

included college campuses

campuses, including Penn State World Campus, dedicated to research and development

online courses on your desktop

students taking Penn State World Campus courses online

graduation cap

Penn State World Campus degree and certificate programs offered per year

innovative learning experiences

instructional designers and media specialists creating innovative learning experiences

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actively engaged members of the Penn State Alumni Association

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